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An Autobiographical Story

Lyric, a down-to-earth woman of faith from the southside of Chicago, lived an extremely lavish, adventurous, and unpredictable life with her        husband: a reverend, loving father, and

well-off shady businessman.


After years of excessive shopping sprees, daily limo chauffeuring, weekly pampering, expensive vacations and restaurants, elegant attire, fancy homes & pricy home décor, jewelry and cologne, Lyric shifts to living a life of compromised faith, lies, abuse, isolation, fear, lack, and countless warnings from God.


Desperate to gain control over her seemingly perfect but out-of-control life, Lyric grabs hold of her broken faith, hoping to obtain a life of true DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL, something that was NOT AT ALL part of her husband's plan, unbeknownst to Lyric.

It appeared that both were working relentlessly to sanctify their lives but it was more like a downhill battle resulting in ill-gotten money, undeserved admiration and trust, severe loss, news press attention, jail time, and almost death. 

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