"Whatever you so choose to plant in God's Earth, if it shall take Root, Life will be produced....Good or Bad."   -ERL 

Elizabeth Ruth Loving


"Ephesians 6:12" (War)

written by Elizabeth Loving

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Elizabeth Ruth Loving was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, IL. She currently resides in Aurora, IL, a western suburb of Chicago, with her three amazing sons. She is an imperfect but willing vessel of God chosen to use her gifts and talents to:

EMPOWER YOU to accept who you WERE.

ENCOURAGE YOU to improve who you ARE.

ELEVATE YOU to BECOME who God destined you to be.


Elizabeth has been writing and reciting poetry at church, school, and community events since the age of nine.  She self-published her first spiritual poetry book in 2006, "True Songs of Good Struggle" and her newest release, an autobiographical book, "Sanctified Satan" in August 2020.

Elizabeth has been dancing since a child at home and church. She took dance classes and modeled during her college years. For many years, she led praise dance ministries at different churches in Chicago, Dekalb, and Aurora, IL. She established her 501c3 non-profit, "The Bucket of Love",  in 2018, where she serves as the Executive Director and Dance Teacher, www.bucketoflove.org. Bucket of Love's children's dance classes, community events, and mentorship are free. Bucket of Love received the 2020 "Service Above Self" award from Aurora, IL's Mayor Irvin.

Elizabeth obtained her cosmetology license in 2008 and has worked in very diverse salons for over ten years, specializing in natural hair, color, and haircuts for men, women, and children. She often donates free haircuts/styles throughout the year during Bucket of Love's and other local organizations' community events.

Elizabeth's newly launched T-shirt line "Lovin U", empowers people to "Wear and Declare" the prophecies and promises of God that are poetically expressed on each T-shirt.

Elizabeth obtained an Associates in Arts from Kishwaukee Community College and is currently a senior at Northern Illinois University, maintaining a 3.8+ G.P.A. She was inducted into NIU's John Herik Clarke's Honors Society in 2019. She will graduate in the Spring of 2021, receiving a Bachelor's in Elementary Education/Special Education.  

"To God Be the Glory for the past, present, and future achievements!"             



Author & Poet

I write down my vision of what I will possess,

Then I speak it into existence and watch it manifest.

Sanctified Satan is HOTTTTT! It's real, not too churchy and a heck of a story about money and corporate scandals."


"Liz's  poems kept me motivated during my prison sentence of more than 10 years. Her words hold power.

-Rodney Lloyd